Following Redens Alpacas purchase of EP Cambridge's entire European black alpaca herd along with EP Cambridge Storm Cloud, black son of Firedragon, 2015 Australian Mature Senior Champion and sire of the 2015 Australian Supreme Champion.
Redens Alpacas are pleased to announce that they have created an alliance (The Alpaca Alliance) with Blackberry Alpacas to bring their exclusive black alpacas to the market. These alpacas will reside in two locations, Redens in the South and Blackberry in the North of England so that we are able to support a wide range of customers across the UK. Together we have over 120 female black alpacas in West Sussex and Lancashire kept in bio secure conditions ideally placed for customers in the UK or Europe.

Redens and Blackberry will market and sell alpacas that are available from this rich genetic background through the

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Alpaca SHOWTIME 28th, 29th & 30th October

Alpaca Showtime is being held at Houghton Hall Equestrian and Alpaca Centre

BAS NATIONAL SHOW 26th - 27th March 2017

 The BAS National Show is one of the biggest alpaca events in Europe and is held in a central location to allow all the breeders in the UK to compete with a minimum of travel time.

The Farming Show 9/10 Nov